Vision, Mission and Values

Vision and Mission

Since 1999 WCoZ envisions a Zimbabwean society where women and girls fully enjoy all their rights through initiatives to achieve gender equality and equity. It does so through creation of a space for women and girls to collectively initiate and participate in strategies and actions that lead to their empowerment. WCoZ’s mission is to coordinate women and girls for collective action through lobbying and advocacy, Capacity building, information dissemination, resource mobilization and forming Strategic Alliances and Partnerships.


1) Equality: -We demand equality – where women and girls are treated the
same as everyone else.
2) Equity:– The equality of opportunities and outcomes
3) Non-partisan: – We are not biased or partisan, especially towards any
particular political party or religious belief
4) Non-violence:– We choose peaceful means in achieving a Zimbabwean
society where women and girls fully enjoy their rights
5) Volunteerism:– Recognise womens’ own contribution to the movement
and society
6) Inclusivity:– All womens’ experiences and voices, authentic and
legitimate. We stand for integrity, respect and empathy.
7) Solidarity:– We stick together and we stand with each other
8) Collectivism:– We provide clarity and openness to build capacity of all
members and decision making.
9) Transparency :-All stakeholders will, with ease, be able to make
meaningful analysis of the Coalition’s actions and all aspects
10) Accountability:– We hold ourselves and others to the highest
standards of transparency, accountability and confidentiality.
We will hold and keep each other accountable for the honouring