Embracing the Challenges of Women’s Participation in Elections

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Embracing the Challenges of Women’s Participation in Elections

Violence against women and girls is one of the most serious obstacles to the realization of women’s political rights today. Women engaging in elections as candidates, voters and election administrators experience violence in many forms. This is evident in the escalation of harassment of women and public scrutiny of women in elections, intimidation, sexual extortion and physical violence of women in politics.

“Embracing the Challenge..” is a short film produced by Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe which tells a story of bravery and endurance in the face of the barriers that relegate women to second class positions and hinder their participation in electoral processes. This film goes on to demonstrate how elections have become a new site for violence against women. Through this film WCoZ strives to empower women, advance the dialogue on violence against women in elections, shift mind-sets and transform societies for greater gender equality. Women should resist to be confined by gender stereotypes and enjoy equal voice, participation and leadership in decision-making at all levels.

Embracing the Challenges of Women's Participation in Elections_ Short Film

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