Focus Areas


  • Harnessing diversity of WCOZ membership;
  • Developing and maintaining a database of membership at all levels i.e. profiling of member organisations;

Capacity Building

  • Strengthening economic literacy among women;
  • Strengthening entrepreneurial skills so that women are economically empowered;
  • Utilisation of WCOZ membership as a resource in advancing women’s issues;
  • Facilitating mentorship and coaching of young women so that they can take up leadership positions;
  • Facilitating increased representation of the interests of rural and marginalized women;

Access to Information

  • Increasing access to information among membership particularly economic information;
  • Strengthening research capacity of WCoZ to activate its knowledge management role; and
  • Creating a WCoZ library to increase access to information by women.


  • Strengthening WCoZ through involvement of former leadership as members of an Advisory Council;
  • Re-visiting the internal Constitution;