Strengthening Women’s Advocacy For Inclusive Governance Program (OSISA)

Strengthening Women’s Advocacy For Inclusive Governance Program (OSISA)

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The Strengthening Women’s Advocacy for inclusive governance Program in partnership with OSISA was launched in 2017  and builds on the WCoZ-SIDA, #SWAG Campaign initiative which aims to increase women’s participation in governance and electoral processes at local and national level in Zimbabwe . The intervention with OSISA will strengthen the women’s movement’s technical and organizing capacity to mobilise, coordinate and build a vibrant critical mass for women’s rights activism and advocacy for equality and accountable governance.

The initiative has immediate potential to link with and amplify the #SWAG Campaign and existing WCoZ Programs around Women’s Participation. This program offers various delivery mechanisms including community based and evidence driven mechanisms that tracks, monitor, report and coordinate advocacy to redress all forms of women’s rights violations in the unfolding dispensation.


  1. To mobilise and coordinate  community based women’s rights activists towards a critical mass to promote women’s rights in the unfolding dispensation
  2. To track, monitor, report and support advocacy to redress on all forms of women’s rights constitution provisions violations.


Expected outcomes/indicators of success

  • Women’s movement improved coordination of women’s participation in local government, parliament and independent commission’s consultations, hearings and submissions.
  • Women’s movement building, activism and advocacy technical capacity , tools and personnel for evidence based policy advocacy for accountability in pushing for a democratic governance dispensation
  • Women’s rights policy submissions to local authorities, parliament, political parties and constitution commissions
  • A database with Community based visible critical mass for women’s rights activism and advocacy
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